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  • Cardboardian

    Every month
    Citizen of Cardboardia (Not a Cultist)
    • Special Pricing on In-Store Purchases
    • Access to Mischief's Game Pass.
    • Quarterly Meetups & Events
  • Cultist

    Every month
    Cardboard Cult Member
    • Everything included in the Cardboardian Plan.
    • Special Pricing on Pre-Orders & In-Store Purchases.
    • $3 off Dragon Shield Sleeves
    • 5% off of all non member-priced products and card singles.
    • Exclusive Cultist Loyalty Program*
    • Unlimited access to the Cult Meeting Grounds
    • Daily refreshments in the Cult Meeting Grounds*
  • Mischief's Game Pass

    Every month
    No longer requires a Cardboardian or Cultist tier subscription!
    • Unlimited Regular Event Entry for Non-Premium Constructed
  • Quarterly Cultist

    Every 3 months
    3 Month Cultist Membership
    • Everything in the "Cultist" membership for 3 Months
    • Please see "Cultist" Membership for details
  • Yearly Cultist

    Every year
    1 Year Cultist Membership
    • Everything included in the "Cultist" Membership for 1 Year
  • Shuffle and Flow support

    Every month
    ShuffleAndFlow is our budding Twitch Stream. All proceeds goes directly to help support, and enhance the stream.
    • Special ShuffleAndFlow Badge on your Profile (first 31 subs)
    • Access to ShuffleAndFlow Discord in the Cardboardia server
    • giveaways done in the Discord server starting 7/5
    • our praise and gratitude

Cardboard Cult Membership Program:

Pre-Order Discounts, Flash Sales, Community Building, Members Only Store, Live Streaming, Private Auctions, and much more.

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