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You are one step away from immersing yourself in the Cardboard Cult. 

"It's not dedication, it's devotion"

Cardboardian (Not a Cultist)

  • Early Re-Stock Information.

  • Advanced Early Access to Select Pre-Order & Special Pricing.

  • Access to Exclusive Content.

  • Access to Mischief's Game Pass.

  • In-Store Discounts

  • 10% off entire purchase Monthly Coupon excluding singles

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  • TCG Sponsorship Opportunities.

  • Cultist Only Store.

  • Access to Secret Cultist Only Auctions.

  • Special Pricing on Pre-Orders & In-Store Purchases.

  • Invitations to Cultists Only Events.

  • Exclusive Events at Conventions All Over the Country.

  • Dedicated App in the Google Play & App Store.

  • Early Pre-Order Windows.

  • Live Streaming Events.

  • Added Benefits During Our WhatNot Streams.

  • $3 off Dragon Shields Sleeves (In-Store)

  • 10% off non-sleeve accessories and dice


Game Passes:

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Must be a Cardboardian or Cultist to Purchase Any Game Pass

Jelly Pass

Event entry to all Non-Magic: the Gathering

Mischief's Game Pass

Unlimited Regular Event Entry for Non-Premium Constructed

Keys to the Kingdom

Event entry to ALL Tournaments

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